In April 2017, a group from our school attended the Shaolin Warriors show at the Sony Centre.  It was amazing to see what these warriors can do with positive thoughts and discipline.  

Our Instructor Michael and Assistant Instructor, Toosje visited Hospice Dufferin the week of July 3rd to speak about Tai Chi’s benefits for all.  They will be doing a demo for the Hospice in September.  While there, Michael presented a cheque from Headwaters School of Tai Chi to Brianna Brown, Client Services Coordinator..


August 18th brought a visit from Sherri a Tai Chi practitioner who also is a master at working with fans.  ​Here's a small sample of her skill with fans:

A little sword play!


​We enjoy various events throughout the year such as Chinese, New Year Banquet, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, Workshops, Demonstrations and outdoor practices.  

First, was the limo drive to get there which everyone appeared to enjoy! 

Vicki, Toosje and Michael enjoying the day.

On July 14th we celebrated member Keith's 90th birthday!  Wishing you many more happy birthday, Keith!

​​Headwaters School of Tai Chi

The Warriors invited children from the audience to try out a few moves!.

Christmas marked the end of the Fall season.  We enjoyed a yummy pot-luck lunch put together by all of the class participants.

October brought a tour of the ROM's Chinese exhibit which was a great hit with all who attended.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day   April 29, 2017

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