Covid update /re-opening.

After 8 months we are finally opening up bit by bit. At this point we are practicing our Tai Chi outdoors as the Dojo had to close its doors for good.

The Town has given its permission for us to use Idyllwild Park on Second Avenue on Mondays and Fridays. We will be there, weather permitting, at 9:30 till 11:00.

We are following the Covid protocols as directed by the Province and I believe that most of us have had their 2 doses of the vaccine.  It is important to be safe and to take care of each other by following these directions.

In the meantime we are in search of a permanent indoor space. Let us know your suggestions, contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses.

See you soon. 

Membership Information and Fees

Each session (Spring, Fall and Winter) runs for 10 weeks.

The months of July, August and December work differently.  We call them "open practice sessions" and are scheduled in place of one of our weekly classes, often out of doors, weather permitting.

Once you decide to become a member, our annual fee is $300.00 payable the first or second week of January each year.  

We also have the option of payment of three (3)  installments of $100.00 due the first or second week of January, April and September and, remember, your membership entitles you to attend any and all classes each week as well as the open practice sessions.

​​​Everyone is welcome!  Come and fine tune your Tai Chi in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

​All sessions are covered by your membership fee.​​

​​What do I bring?


We invite you to join us for two  complimentary sessions to see if Tai Chi is for you and to learn about the health benefits of Tai Chi.

We're pretty certain that you'll like what you see!

​​Headwaters School of Tai Chi

  • loose, comfortable clothing
  • soft-soled indoor shoes, shoes worn outdoors cannot be worn in class
  • no mats or equipment needed​
  • ​classes are a fragrance-free zone