Our instructor

​​Headwaters School of Tai Chi

Meet Michael Kirwin, our head instructor.  Michael has been qualified by the Canadian Taijiquan Federation and incorporates many different elements of gigong and Tai Chi styles into his classes.  His goal is to help you maximize the health benefits the study and practice of Tai Chi will give you.  With his encouragement and that of your fellow students, over time, you may experience improvement in your energy level and sense of balance as well as a reduction in your stress levels.

Michael has been a student of Tai Chi for more than 20 years.  He has spent a number of years studying with a Chinese wushu master, Ting Seng Hung, focusing on the Yang style, including short and long forms, as well as spear, sword and push hands forms.

Currently, other members of the school assist Michael, especially when newcomers join a session.  One of the precepts of being a practitioner of Tai Chi is that we should always be prepared to share our knowledge and give encouragement and guidance that new students might encounter and perceive as an obstacle to their progress.