What is Tai Chi?

Tai chi, literally "supreme ultimate" is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Though originally conceived as a martial art, it is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: competitive wrestling in the format of pushing hands, demonstration competitions, and achieving greater longevity. As a result, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims with differing emphasis. Some training forms of t‘ai chi are especially known for being practiced with relatively slow movements.


An unhealthy or otherwise uncomfortable person may find it difficult to meditate to a state of calmness or to use tai chi as a martial art. Tai chi's health training, therefore, concentrates on relieving the physical effects of stress on the body and mind. For those focused on t‘ai chi's martial application, good physical fitness is an important step towards effective self-defense.


The focus and calmness cultivated by the meditative aspect of t‘ai chi is seen as necessary in maintaining optimum health (in the sense of relieving stress and maintaining homeostasis) and in application of the form as a soft style martial art.


September 2022

Our Fall session has started with our classes being twice a week on Monday and Friday mornings 9:30 to 11:00 am.

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We offer regularly scheduled classes for those just starting out and for those with a knowledge of tai chi. We incorporate elements of qigong and a variety of recognized styles in our exercises. Our goal is to help you maximize the inherent health benefits of tai chi. Over time you may experience a noticeable improvement in your energy level, sense of balance, and a lessening of stress levels.

We explore the ideas of Eastern Philosophy, Health Practices and Taoism (pronounced Dow-ism) to provide more information and clarity about the exercises. Learning about these concepts helps us understand why tai chi developed as it did and how it can be applied not only to class practice but also to our everyday activities.

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